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Future-Proof Your Learning & Development

At Nifty, we believe tedious L&D admin work should be a thing of the past. That’s why we’re setting a new
LMS standard – Nifty is user-friendly, intuitive, and it works for you, not against you.

Get a 360° view of your training data.

Keep track of all your learning data in real time, with full context and history.
Nifty Learning is the central hub for all your learning and professional development initiatives.

Data retrievable in seconds

All training issues and data are retrievable in seconds, with full context and history.


Smart Notifications

Smart notifications alert program coordinators, employees, trainers, and line managers of upcoming training deadlines, learning updates and new course programs.


Fast-track training activities with simple workflows


Actionable Advice

You’ll never go back to spreadsheets again. Nifty Learning was inspired by direct feedback from learning professionals, so it won’t slow down your department with tedious admin activities.

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Fast-Track & Automate

Fast-track the delivery of training programs with simple yet powerful workflows. Schedule courses on the fly. Automate activities like incoming registrations, approval flows, waitlists, and training follow-ups.

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Align Strategic Initiatives

All of this in the benefit of your team, which now has the time required to align strategic business initiatives with the right development plans for an agile workforce.

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Create the best training programs

Replicate the best training initiatives

Pull back the curtain on what separates your successful learning programs from the rest, according to data. Replicate the best training initiatives across the entire organization and upskill your workforce so it can support new market conditions.

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Build What Makes Sense

Building an organizational learning blueprint empowers your teams to make decisions based on data instead of opinions. Now, learning professionals can understand what makes sense and what doesn’t when planning new training programs.

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“We were looking for a user-friendly, intuitive learning management solution when we came around Nifty. We decided to give it a try, and I couldn’t be happier. We got more than a product. We got a partner that helps us build a smarter, more data-focused learning strategy while automating the manual tasks our learning team deals with on a daily basis. It was definitely the best call. 😃”

Lavinia Mehedintu
People Experience Manager

“Internal training departments desperately need this product. We spend too much time on the admin side, which takes time away from creating the best possible learning programs. Similar to how the virtual assistant has proven to be an effective solution for personal calendaring, Nifty’s virtual training assistant helps solve training program calendaring and automation, finally.”

Andrea Aguiluz
Learning and Development Manager at Techstars

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