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Set yourself apart

The financial industry is continuously evolving – across competitive, regulatory, and talent landscapes. Making informed L&D decisions ensures that you navigate this change effectively.

You wouldn’t make decisions about your corporate and finance strategy without data, so why rely on gut-feeling when it comes to your L&D programs?

Nifty is the training management platform that helps you make the right professional development decisions.

Our continuous approach to tracking all the L&D data helps understand the employee development behavior and identify areas for improvement – in real-time.

Know your context and move forward. Build action plans based on the learning insights you receive, iterate, and track the success of your training decisions continuously.

Build an environment that helps you rapidly onboard new hires and successfully develop your teams. With Nifty employee development is a breeze.

Fast Onboarding

With the high attrition rate in the banking and financial sector, we know that onboarding time is crucial to serving ongoing customer requests. That’s why we designed Nifty to support fast onboarding and deploy new training programs in minutes, not weeks.

Compliance First

Nifty helps you mitigate the financial, as well as reputational risk. Ensure your learners take courses to be compliant with regulators. Keep your peace of mind while Nifty automatically handles all your learning records, in real-time.

World-Class Security

Your data is in good hands. Nifty provides top-tier support and security, so you never have to waste a second worrying about it. Our software service is fully compliant with GDPR, and we secure your data with the latest end-to-end encryption technologies.

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