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Enhanced Learning Experience
with Nifty Learning

Social learning. User-generated content. Communities of practice. Relevant analytics.

Create dynamic content libraries

Your learners deserve only the best content. Their time is precious and offering only formal learning just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Curate learning playlists and allow colleagues to contribute with their own creations. Use different content formats and tagging for a personalized, timely and relevant learning experience.

Encourage feedback and information exchange

Help your colleagues share their opinions, ask questions and offer each other support.

Maintain a relevant and up-to-date learning offer based on NPS and honest employee opinions. Keep an eye on trends and find out what people are asking for the most.

Support mentoring activities and engage SMEs

Encourage your Subject Matter Experts to become mentors. Help your teams organize AMAs, communities of practice, book office hourse or ask for support with specific work projects. Avoid senseless context switching for your people with the help of communication platform integrations.

Stay up to date by keeping track of individual learning opportunities in Nifty, without being intrusive.

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