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Always on top of your mandatory compliance learning

Compliance learning is a crucial component of any functioning business that operates in a regulated industry.

Staying on top of the latest changes in legislation and having real-time, accurate reports, ready to be presented to auditing authorities, are key to ensuring business continuity and providing a good quality service in a timely manner.

Keep track of any mandatory learning content with versioning: both in the frontend, to help you know what is the latest content sent to learners, but also in the backend, to never be confused again about who completed what in your reporting.

Use smart automation to keep your employees on track with minimal intervention from the L&D or Compliance team, with the help of easy-to-configure groups and assignation rules.

Nifty is the learning management platform that helps you manage all your compliance courses and documentation quickly and without complications, regardless if it’s pharma, healthcare or banking compliance, data protection & privacy, InfoSec, workplace safety or regulatory compliance. With Nifty employee development is a breeze.

World-Class Security

Your data is in good hands. Nifty provides top-tier support and security, so you never have to waste a second worrying about it. Our software service is fully compliant with GDPR, and we secure your data with the latest end-to-end encryption technologies.

Compliance First

Nifty helps you mitigate the financial, as well as reputational risk. Ensure your learners take courses to be compliant with regulators. Keep your peace of mind while Nifty automatically handles all your learning records, in real-time.

Accurate Records

Make sure that you’re keeping track of every mandatory learning activity in real time with highly accurate learner records and audit reports. Stay on top of certifications, due dates and completion statuses with Nifty.

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