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Make those first weeks count

Effective onboarding programs are a key competitive advantage for employers that want to stand out in an increasingly tough hiring market.

Nifty is the training management platform that helps you create tailored onboarding programs for any type of role.

Make a great first impression by ensuring all your new hires’ learning needs are covered. Pave the way towards a work relationship based on trust and mutual respect right from day one.

Support your employees with orientation in this new organizational environment, easing them into the team culture, business practices and responsibilities they now have.

Build an environment that helps you scale successfully and develop the best talent. With Nifty employee development is a breeze.

Flexible Structure

We support companies with complex internal structures. Our tailored workflows can handle organizations of any complexity, enabling them to easily create and deploy training programs with specific use-cases and approval flows.

Fast Onboarding

With the high attrition rate in the banking and financial sector, we know that onboarding time is crucial to serving ongoing customer requests. That’s why we designed Nifty to support fast onboarding and deploy new training programs in minutes, not weeks.

Business Performance

Every great company is built on great people. And a skilled workforce ensures you delight and retain your best customers. Achieve your goals by building the right set of organizational capabilities and talent skills.

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