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Hello, Learning Intelligence.

Goodbye, siloed data.

Learning is shifting towards operational excellence. All around the globe, modern companies are rethinking the way they work on training through the prism of operations. Learning Intelligence allows training people to shine as a business function by embracing data integration, agile delivery, and continuous improvement. Nifty helps companies kickstart their Learning Intelligence journey.

The way people acquire new skills and companies develop new capabilities has drastically changed over the last decade. With the rise of automation, people are required to gain new competencies at a faster pace.

Now, everyone talks about the future of work, upskilling and reskilling, but no one tries to go one layer below and understand what this really means.

We believe that in order to understand your companies learning performance, first, you need to look at the data.

But in order to look at it, you need to have it.

That’s why we are all in for Learning Intelligence.

“We were looking for a user-friendly, intuitive learning management solution when we came around Nifty. We decided to give it a try, and I couldn’t be happier. We got more than a product. We got a partner that helps us build a smarter, more data-focused learning strategy while automating the manual tasks our learning team deals with on a daily basis. It was definitely the best call. 😃”

Lavinia Mehedintu
People Experience Manager

“Internal training departments desperately need this product. We spend too much time on the admin side, which takes time away from creating the best possible learning programs. Similar to how the virtual assistant has proven to be an effective solution for personal calendaring, Nifty’s virtual training assistant helps solve training program calendaring and automation, finally.”

Andrea Aguiluz
Learning and Development Manager at Techstars

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