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Nifty Learning SRL
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We’re building for the next
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development professionals.

What we stand for

Our premise is that learning & development teams should focus on their strategic role in the organization and not on the admin work.

That’s not the way it works today.

Looking at the way learning professionals work, most of them use multiple systems to organize and manage different learning initiatives, and, for the most part, none of these solutions talk to each other or to any central system.

Whenever a new training program has to be organized, the learning team has to go between different tools, like LMSs and ERPs, messy Excels and Spreadsheets, back & forth emails, calendars, G Drive, Sharepoints, PDFs, surveys and forms, BI solutions… and so on.

We believe that this effort is what keeps away learning professionals from making the best strategic decisions for their company and have a real, positive impact on the learning ROI.

That’s why we’re committed to giving back time to learning and development people, so they can fulfill their strategic role and drive employee professional growth.

Our Approach

Nifty brings operational intelligence to corporate training departments.


Through smart automation, we support enterprise training departments to increase operational efficiency, grow training ROI, and save up 25% of their training budget.

Single Source of Truth

There should be a single system for managing learning data that sits on top of every other business system, from where the learning professional operates. A command center for the learning function.

Our Leadership

Elisa-Letitia Stefan

CEO & Co-Founder

Victor Bojica

CTO & Co-Founder

Cristian Niamtu

COO & Co-Founder

Bogdan Carpusor

CPO & Co-Founder

Alexander Müller

Head of Design

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