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Nifty brings operational intelligence to corporate training departments. Through smart automations we handle admin tasks and provide real-time insights to learning coordinators so they can focus on strategic work.

What we do

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Nifty’s premise is that learning & development people should focus on their strategic role in the organisation and not on the admin stuff.
That’s not the way it works today.

Multiple Systems

Looking at the way a learning coordinator works, most of them use multiple systems to organise and manage different learning initiatives and, for the most part, none of these systems talk to each other or to any central system.

Context Switching

Whenever a new training event has to be organised, the learning coordinator has to between different tools, such as messy Excels and Spreadsheets, back & forth emails, calendars and room booking systems, Sharepoints and PDFs, surveys and forms, LMSs and ERPs... and so on.





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That’s why we're giving back time to learning and development people, so they can fulfil their strategic role and drive employee professional growth.

There should be a single system for managing learning data that sits on top of every other business system, from where the learning coordinator operates. A command centre for the learning function.

Our Approach

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Through smart automation, we support enterprise training departments to increase operational efficiency, grow training ROI and save up 25% of their training budget

Our Approach Illustration

Nifty automates the workflow of planning and organising training events, helping learning & development coordinators to increase their productivity by 50% and give them time to focus on their strategic role.

Our software covers the end-to-end corporate training workflows and processes, such as gathering training needs, planning training sessions, managing resources, optimising classroom fill-rates, tracking budgets and providing real-time training KPIs.

Why Training

Why Training Illustration
Why Training Illustration

As Andy Grove writes (chapter 16 of High Output Management), there are only two ways for a company to improve the output of an employee: motivation and training. Therefore, training should be the most basic requirement for all companies.

Almost every company is evangelising the importance of training, but the reality is that corporate training is broken.

Training isn't planned in time to meet business needs, attendance is always low and everybody hates using learning tools & systems.

Even if more than $366B are spent annually on corporate training activities, companies still don’t have any insights about the training ROI.

Meet the team

Elisa-Letitia Stefan
Victor Bojica
Cristi Niamtu
Bogdan Carpusor
Product Manager
Dragos Geantau
Software Engineer
Alexander Müller