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L&D Spotlight

Welcome to L&D Spotlight! Grab a coffee, sit back and listen to the the hottest and most relevant L&D topics analysed by our expert guests.

Every week we dive into an L&D topic with consultants, trainers, thought leaders, executives, and, of course, L&D professionals. We shine a light on best practices, ask for advice & tips and talk about the current state of L&D.

Check out our latest topic threads below:

http://L&D%20Spotlight%20Exploring%20L&D%20Liz%20Stefan%20Lavinia%20Mehedintu Exploring L&D

Understanding the fundamentals of the vast domain that is Learning & Development with the help of a self-proclaimed L&D geek.

http://L&D%20Spotlight%20On%20Leadership%20Liz%20Stefan%20Andrei%20Postolache On Leadership

Demystifying leadership for L&D professionals and learning-focused organisations with an expert who’s done it all – including writing a book on the topic.

http://L&D%20Spotlight%20Expert%20Track%20Liz%20Stefan Expert Track

Breaking down the steps L&D must take to stay relevant, impactful and have a seat at the decision-making table.

http://L&D%20Spotlight%20The%20Sharing%20Sessions%20Liz%20Stefan The Sharing Sessions

Learn directly from the hard-earned expertise and good practice examples of other L&D and People Professionals.

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1. Exploring L&D

Our guest is Lavinia Mehedintu, People Experience Manager at eMAG, Eastern Europe’s largest e-commerce website, and co-founder and content curator at Offbeat, the digital platform of actionable resources exclusively dedicated to L&D professionals. Together we cover some of the most important aspects of working in Learning & Development, from topics like workplace psychological safety to understanding L&D metrics and analytics. Each episode has actionable advice that you can start implementing TODAY.

2. On Leadership

We’re joined by Andrei Postolache, founder at Xeriously, leadership & soft skills consultant, and author of Fun & Fearless Leadership. Our conversations explore the intricacies of being a good leader in a complex working environment, the discipline and skillset required to put together and lead high performing teams and how that ties into L&D initiatives in the organisation.

3. Expert Track

Welcome to a collection of thoughtful conversations with renowned experts on a variety of L&D-related topics. We take a look at everything from the purpose of L&D today, how the industry is changing to how L&D can stay relevant in an increasingly unpredictable future.

4. The Sharing Sessions

Listen to fellow L&D and People professionals sharing their first-hand experience implementing learning strategies and programs. Access battle-tested insights and take away actionable advice, that you can apply in your home organization.

About your host

Liz Stefan has worked with Fortune 500 companies in designing L&D management processes, managing day to day learning operations and implementing learning technologies. She’s now putting her expertise to work by passionately co-founding Nifty Learning, together with the most amazing team of entrepreneurs and innovators. In an effort to continuously understand and navigate the complex and ever evolving domain that is Learning & Development, she started the L&D Spotlight Podcast.

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