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Get actionable insights
for your training team

Increase operational efficiency and grow training ROI by collecting and understanding all your training data.

Easily Create, Track, and Manage Training

When it comes to running instructor-led training, there’s no shortage of opportunity to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

To make the most of it, you have to run it like an operational function. That’s why Nifty helps you to automate and optimize your entire training workflows: such as gathering training needs, planning training sessions, managing resources, optimizing classroom fill-rates, tracking budgets, and providing training KPIs. All in real-time.


Manage Remote Learning

Training Needs

Move as fast as your organization needs you to. Plan training events today, by looking directly at the real-time training requests submitted by your department, line managers or learners.

Live Training

Have a real-time overview of your training plan. Create, schedule and track in-person or remote training events. Register participants, mark attendance and automate the pre and post-event

Financials Tracking

Easily keep track in real-time of your learning expenses with training events. Add delivery costs, venue fees, and others so you don’t have to go through piles of paperwork to extract info such as price per learner, business unit budget, cost breakdown, financial efficiency, etc.

Zoom in on the activities with the highest impact

Identify where to take action and how best to serve your
business teams.

Nifty’s intuitive dashboards provide all your L&D leaders with an overview of the training activities in their scope, as well as insights into specific business lines and operational metrics.

Learning Paths

Build predefined sets of learning materials in order to satisfy business requirements (such as a new job role, a program that the employee must go through).

Metrics & Trends

Nifty’s intuitive dashboard gives users a real-time view of what’s up, what’s next and what’s left to do for the L&D department. Ask quantitative questions and see the data overtime on the Analytics Dashboard.

Engage with your team and turn feedback into action

Maximize your training surveys’ answer rate by asking simple questions, delivered as soon as the training is done.

Our automated surveys are a quick way to gather actionable data that drive results further.

L&D leaders can understand where their training is thriving and what needs improvement, based on quick employee feedback.

Feedback Collection

By gathering in-the-moment feedback for your training events, from attendees to trainers, or for training programs, you gain actionable information to improve your curriculum and get more engaged audiences.

Less admin time, more strategic work.

  • And say hello to automation.
  • Don’t waste any time on tedious manual tasks. Let Nifty do it for you.
  • Simplify workflows, reduce errors, and save time for business-critical issues.


To make the most of it, it requires setting up and running it like a operational function.

Training Newsletters

Our automated anonymous surveys are a quick way to provide L&D leaders with actionable data that allows them to understand where their training is thriving, and what needs improvement.

Training Newsletters

Automate communication with learners. With our beautifully designed training newsletters, your workforce is notified about what’s happening in regard to learning and professional development.

Smart Groups

Assign learners automatically to custom groups, so they have access to the right learning at the right time.

All your training data in one place

Move your training records away from scattered spreadsheet and paper files forever. Our system acts as a single-source-of-truth for learning data, so keeping track of learner records has never been easier.

Regulatory Compliance

To make the most of it, it requires setting up and running it like a operational function.

Custom Reports

Instantly see and share the data that matters with automated reports. Gain visibility over your training operations using our detailed reports.

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icon Learning Paths

icon Online Content

icon Smart Groups

icon Custom Reports

icon Metrics & Trends

icon Regulatory Compliance

icon Single Sign-On

icon World-class Security

icon Onboarding and Implementation

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icon Automation

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