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Future Skills for L&D

Understanding the fundamentals of the vast domain that is Learning & Development with the help of a self-proclaimed L&D geek.


* The accelerated adoption of technology and automation is affecting the way we work; Future Skills enable employees and companies to cope with these changes sustainably.
* With the pandemic as a catalyst for change towards digitization, the way organizations and people acquire skills has drastically changed.
* Current formal education is not preparing young people to deal with how complex life can be, both professionally and personally, as it is designed based on an industrial mindset. Learning is not personalized to the individual.
* People who now join the workforce can expect to change careers seven times over the course of their adult life.
* Future Skills are relevant for employees at any step of their career, not just for young people joining the workforce. It is not a matter of age but instead of experience and each individual’s mindset.
* L&Ds can gauge the adoption and practice of Future Skills in the company by relying on People Analytics to track improvement in business metrics and behavior changes.
* People Analytics helps L&Ds measure access to learning resources, career growth opportunities, internal transfers, engagement, retention.
* More resources can be found by following Kevin YatesSam Allen, and software products that focus on People Analytics: Culture AmpLatticeNifty Learning.

Future Skills essentials:

1. Adaptability, being able to welcome change
2. Intentional learning – shared by McKinsey in August of 2020 and updated with a practical guideline published here, as seen in Offbeat Issues #13 and #47
3. Growth mindset
4. Innovation, Resourcefulness
5. Data Awareness

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Our guest is Lavinia Mehedintu, People Experience Manager at eMAG, Eastern Europe's largest e-commerce website, and co-founder and content curator at Offbeat, the digital platform of actionable resources exclusively dedicated to L&D professionals. Together we cover some of the most important aspects of working in Learning & Development, from topics like workplace psychological safety to understanding L&D metrics and analytics. Each episode has actionable advice that you can start implementing TODAY.

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